A proven solution to rapidly decommission legacy PM and billing systems.

BillingCapture allows you to regain control of your legacy billing records and continue working down accounts receivable while letting you decommission legacy PM and billing systems. This solution provides billing staff with a simple way to pull any range of historical financial reports  you may need in the future. It also enables staff to directly work down accounts receivable with self-pay status, including the ability to send statements, record payments, and update balances.

  • Extracts the complete AR history from the legacy EMR/PM database

  • Provides one-click access to archived records from you new EMR

  • Protects financial data with secure backups

  • Improves efficiencies and accommodates user preferences with a     customizable user interface.

BillingCapture is available for any healthcare oraganization that has access to their legacy billing database.
A DataCapture account is required to take advantage of BillingCapture. Learn more 

Switching To A New EMR or PM System?
Learn how ChartCapture's innovative solutions will simplify your conversion.

Billing Conversion Trajectory

Your billing data is vital to patient care. That’s why we follow a specific, proven process that ensures a simple and successful EMR conversion experience.

Peace of mind is often associated with a clear view of the future. After discussing your billing conversion plans, your personal team of experts provide a detailed, personalized project plan that will reduce the stress and anxiety associated with billing and PM conversions.

A Solution For Any EMR Conversion

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