Running a medical practice is complicated - accessing and archiving your old records should be simple.

In a world where practicing medicine is becoming more and more complex, we're at work behind the scenes serving up a little slice of simplicity when you need it most.

You need a simple way to archive and access all of your old medical records. ChartCapture was founded in 2003 to help.

Medical records are your patients’ path to medical treatment. Your EHR allows you to have more information and access it faster than ever before. But accessing and archiving legacy records was an afterthought for the healthcare IT industry.

Every EHR transition costs a considerable amount of time, money and energy. More often than not, those costs are unnecessarily high.  The three biggest challenges for people making the switch are 1. humans don't like change, 2. doctors need everything at their fingertips and 3. office managers want to minimize stress...

ChartCapture is here to help.

It comforts the change by making things feel friendly and familiar. It provides a single place to archive ALL of the legacy records so everything is easy for providers to access.  And it helps finish the transition faster while avoiding extra work for the staff, so everyone involved can stay focused on what matters most.

Whether you're ready to finally retire the rest of those paper charts or you're keen on kicking that old EHR to the curb, here's OUR PROMISE:

We provide the simplest way to archive and access ALL of your old medical records.

We Believe

  • The simplest systems cost less, work better and are easier to use.
  • No one should invest in an EHR and still have legacy stuff lying around years later.
  • It’s simpler and faster to have all your old records in one place, accessible onscreen, wherever and whenever you need them.
  • Practicing medicine is complex enough without the pressures of technology and it's our job to relieve some of that pressure for you.

We develop products and services that simplify the way people archive and access legacy medical records. That's why ChartCapture is the medical community's most popular choice when it comes time to transition to a new EHR.

Our customers love the way ChartCapture works, and we think you will too. Click below to have a look at what people are saying about the difference that ChartCapture makes for them on a daily basis.