Retiring an EPR?
Expedite your EPR transition and decommission legacy systems to release resources.

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It’s time to retire your legacy EPR.

You’ve decided on a new EPR and scheduled your go-live dates. Now, how will you archive and access legacy patient history?

How long before you can retire your legacy systems and release the resources supporting them?

You need an elegant solution to store and access your existing EPR records combined with a fast and efficient plan for decommissioning.

Problem solved. ChartCapture is here to help.

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ChartCapture can extract all of the legacy patient data and records for you, provide a single data repository with a common user interface, and give you instant access to legacy information from your new EPR.

And since the data from disparate systems is stored centrally and archived in an integrated, purpose-built, hosted platform, there’s no need to map millions of old data fields into your new EPR.

As a result, you get to reduce implementation risks and headaches, expedite the decommissioning process, and release resources sooner, all without burdening the internal IT teams responsible for the EPR roll-out.

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Praise from ChartCapture Customers

"ChartCapture is one of the first products that worked just as promised! Being in the medical field that is truly a blessing. BIG thanks for this wonderful product and support. Going into any transition is difficult, but ChartCapture certainly was a WIN-WIN for us!"


“ChartCapture is an excellent partner to work with. Any issues or concerns are answered quickly and with friendly staff who go out of their way to make sure their product is working for you.”