Switching EHRs?
We make your EHR transition simple, so it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

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Set up and Management $3,999 One Time Fee
Archive Records $0.39 Per Record
ChartCapture Account $29 Per User, Per Month
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Praise from ChartCapture Customers

"ChartCapture is one of the first products that worked just as promised! Being in the medical field that is truly a blessing. BIG thanks for this wonderful product and support. Going into any transition is difficult, but ChartCapture certainly was a WIN-WIN for us!"


“ChartCapture is an excellent partner to work with. Any issues or concerns are answered quickly and with friendly staff who go out of their way to make sure their product is working for you.”

Old EHR, It’s Time to Hit the Road

You’ve had it with your current EHR. You’ve done your homework and you’re ready to make the switch.

But what's the plan for all of those old EHR records? You need an easy way to archive and access that patient history so you can get on with your transition.

Problem solved. ChartCapture is here to help...

ChartCapture can export all of your old EHR records for you and give you a simple way to access them when you go live on your new EHR.

And since providers want everything at their fingertips and they’re particular about how things are organized, we'll customize your tabs to make sure they're just what the doctor ordered ; -)

Ready to simplify your EHR transition?

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